Customer Quilt Photos - Designed and Quilted by Tammy Oberlin
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Custom Whole Cloth Quilts
Rocket Flower Whole Cloth Quilt & close ups.
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"RocketFlower" satin
Feathered Wreath Wall Quilt
with freehand background
King sized quilt, can also be made queen sized
Hand embroidered by Roberta Decker using the
Marian's Floral Bouquet pattern.  Quilted by Tammy
Another quilt that was hand embroidered by Roberta
Decker using the
Daisy Wreath Wall Quilt/Pillow pattern.  
embroidery.  I did simple outline quilting around the
embroidery and a swag in the border.
Daisy Wreath Quilt/Pillow pattern.  Twilling done by Barb
David.  I did the quilting freehand on my Gammill Classic Plus.
Tammy Finkler Oberlin/ TK Quilting & Design LLC